What is Genetic Counseling?

A process under which the individuals and families are explained about the health risks/diseases, in a simplified manner, which arise due to genetic inheritance. We at London Genetics are providing this Counseling for the people who have undergone genetic tests with us FREE OF COST. With this Counseling, the understanding of the medical problem and the impact of the genetic factors on the disease can be done. As a layman, you cannot comprehend your report(s) correctly. Our genetic counsellor will connect with you and explain the analysis of your DNA sample in the apt context.

Who is a Genetic Counsellor?

Genetic Counsellors are trained professionals who will explain to you the risks of genetic disorders in a simplified manner. By this, you can comprehend and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions of this disease.

Our experts at London Genetics will analyze the patient’s reports and correlate these findings with the family health history, medical history, and current lifestyle of the patient. This completes the cycle for the right interpretation about what the DNA says about the individual’s health.

Why Genetic Counseling is recommended?

This genetic Counseling is not mandatory, but definitely it is recommended, due to the following reasons:

  1. To gain insight and clarity about the possible genetic risk factors.
  2. To make you understand your genetic patterns.
  3. Reaching the right diagnosis and its possible implications.
  4. It is free of cost Counseling.
  5. Experts will explain it to you.
  6. Can be done at your own comfort.
  7. This Counseling can be done with every Genetic test.
  8. Can be explained in your own chosen language.

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