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About Us

Wide range of genetic testing services performed with exceptional care international Redefining genetic sciences with care!

Get tuned to the futuristic sample testing methods with us. Our prognostic and diagnostic testing abode is serving you with advent technology for genetic testing is the need for today’s well-informed generation. With London genetics, you can stay immune from the unforeseen hereditary disorders. With the surging need for quality genetic testing platforms, London Genetics has taken a leap in serving with more than 500 genetic tests across all specialties.

London Genetics laboratory is all set to redefine the way genetic tests are performed. An unequivocal range of genetic tests throughout Dubai is now accessible and affordable at London Genetics laboratory. Determined to serve you professionally and reliably our quality parameters are stringently monitored. Offering more than 500+ genetic tests ranging from Paternity tests, Infertility DNA testing, Immigration DNA tests, Disease-specific DNA testing are all done by our team of experts. We have our laboratory partner in the USA gives us an edge while serving you with the precise interpretation of your reports with online genetic counseling.

A revolutionary name in the diagnostic healthcare industry. With the rising request(s) for the genetic tests worldwide London Genetics is determined to serve this niche sector of healthcare diagnostics with world-class expertise. Being associated with the renowned UK and USA situated laboratories for processing of samples LGL has devised ways to make genetic testing an accessible affair. Starting primarily within Europe, Asia and Middle East market(s) and gradually expanding other parts of the world.

The name London Genetic Laboratory alias LGL, has its roots from the British Organization where the core focus is laid on establishing a seamless and convenient genetic testing laboratory services. The vision is to create a global business impact through its business and medical operations. While serving the general population with precision, accurate test results, and interpretation, in-time report delivery, expert counseling, and right advice provided at the pocket-friendly and locally accessible consultants.


Our Advisors

John Ellis

John Ellis has more than 35 years of Heath experience after studying at the London School of Economics and Finance. This included more than 10 years' experience with the ...

Dr. Wei Li

Dr. Wei Li is Chairman and Founder of Cipher Ground, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit company builder, a platform to integrate capital, projects, and talents to create new ...

Dr. Suheil Simaan

One of the most renowned surgeons, Dr. Suheil Simaan is associated with London Genetics as an Advisor. He is a surgeon with more than 55 years of commendable ...