Delivery / Refund Policy


London Genetics is a genetic testing service provider, where the processing of the tests is done by the third party genetic testing laboratories. Our partner laboratories are internationally renowned, accredited and are experienced in managing such kinds of genetic tests.

Since we consider you our most valued customer we would like to inform you about our payment methods for better clarity beforehand. Also, the Refund policy of LONDON GENETICS and its terms are also mentioned below:

We Accept Payments: 

  • You can pay us through:
       A. Online – Account Transfer or Net Banking or other App
       B. Plastic Money/cards – Only Master and Visa cards are accepted for making the payments.
  • London genetics is accepting money through online and card(s) only, it is only under the exceptional cases/circumstances the cash (AED) will be accepted.
  • The 100% payment MUST be made in advance ONLY.
  • Once you are registered you will receive the link for making the payment via message, therefore make sure you have given your correct mobile number.
  • The payment has to be made 100% in advance only then the ORDER request raised by your doctor will be accepted by us.

How to Register:

The process goes like when you are ready to get the test done, you will have to go to the GP or the doctor who will first create his login and then he will register you (Patient) over our website i.e. the www.londongenetics .uk. We request you to please convey the correct details in regards to your personal, medical details, type of test to be done and other relevant information asked. These details are used by the LONDON GENETICS in communicating the results, availability of reports and for informing the counseling session.

Points to keep in Mind while registering PATIENT with LONDON GENETICS:

  • In case your details are wrongly entered you will have to call our CUSTOMER CARE helpline No – for getting the details rectified. 
  • Also, we would like to request the doctors to please review the supporting documents and the ID before entering the details of the patient.
Intimation of the received payment:

  • Since the majority of the payments are received through online medium, LONDON GENETICS will send you the intimation through the message which will be sent on your registered mobile number.
  • The electronic invoice will be generated as soon as your payment is received and the invoice will be sent to your email id which is given to us by your doctor at the time of registering.
  • This online intimation MUST reach you within 24 hours of a working day, provided all the technology is working to the best of their efficiency. INCASE if the intimation DOES NOT reach you within that time period, we request you to please CALL CUSTOMER CARE HELPLINE NUMBER to find out the reason for the delay.

Intimation of the refund credited in your account:

  • LONDON GENETICS will inform you when your amount to be refunded is ready, it will be credited online in your bank account and a formal intimation from our side will also be given to you either through message/ call/ email.
  • The refund amount will only be processed within 45 business working days. In case it does not credit in your account or you have not received any information in the refund part we request you to please feel free to call our customer care helpline number to know more.
  • This online intimation MUST reach you within 24 hours of a working day, provided all the technology is working to the best of their efficiency. INCASE if the intimation DOES NOT reach you within that time period, we request you to please CALL CUSTOMER CARE HELPLINE NUMBER to find out the reason for the delay.
  • Refund Policy and its Terms
  • FOR the REFUND REQUEST to be ACCEPTED the Patient must inform the concerned authorized personnel 5 hours well in advance only then the REQUEST for REFUND and SAMPLE CANCELLATION will be ACCEPTED in case if it happens later than the mentioned time period then the refund will not be made. 
  • Refund can only be made till the time the sample has not been taken. Once the sample is collected no refund will be made. 
  • While making the refund the amount which will be refunded is for 80% of the total amount received by the LONDON GENETICS.
  • The money refunded for the Cancelled order will be credited in your account ONLINE within the time period of 45 business working days.
  • INCASE, if the sample is been collected from lab then the cancellation of the sample will not be done, as our only process of initiating the process of sample collection is advance payment which is paid online.
  • The moment you have decided to cancel the test, we advise you DO INFORM the CUSTOMER CARE HELPLINE for timely intimation, which is before the phlebotomist has started from the lab towards your home for the sample collection. Once the person has left for collecting the sample, we will not entertain any request for the refund or cancellation of the test order made. 
  • Before making the refund the authorized person at LONDON GENETICS will check whether the payment has been received by the patient or not, in case the payment is not received in the LONDON GENETICS ACCOUNT by the patient, there will not be any refund made to the claimant.
  • In case the claimant says that he/she has made payment then, they will have to speak with the bank to understand the reason for not deducting the amount of payment.
  • In case there has been a double payment made for the one test is ordered then it will take time period of 45 working days to confirm whether the double payment has been received or not. After obtaining the confirmation from the bank regarding the double payment being received, the LONDON GENETICS will inform the claimant and will make a refund to the person who has made the payment via online medium and the amount of the refund will reach your account within 45 business working days.


  • If the patient is not satisfied with the test results than the LONDON GENETICS is not liable for making any refund to the unsatisfied customers.
  • In case the patient die, then also the refund cannot be made as the sample given has been processed and LONDON GENETICS is just the genetic testing laboratory and not the doctor for the taking care of the health of the patient/person.
  • In case the patient wants to have the reprocessing for their test then it will be considered as the fresh order and for the previous test conducted LONDON GENETICS will NOT entertain any REFUND. 
  • In the case of the insufficient sample, the processing has to be re-done and for that, the fresh payment has to be made. There will not be any refund made on any such grounds.